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Tanish Analytics combines talent, expertise, creativity, and innovation and is a hub for perfect & efficient big data solutions and AI & ML solutions in India. Our expert team is well versed with the latest IT trends and provides personalized solutions and services for analytics, mobile, and web development. Our top priority has always been the provision of solutions to optimize our customers’ productivity. Thus, our solutions are designed with improved agility, reduced costs, and integrated security to meet our clients’ diverse business goals. Our customer-friendly and agile services help customers achieve high ROIs and improve market time. Our incomparable solutions and hard work make our company unique and renowned. In keeping with our motto “providing commitments that work,” we always offer high-quality services.

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Tanish Analytics is a renowned, years of experience, software developer and industry-specific company. At first we budded in few small petals, while now the fast-growing technology garden is blooming. We use personalised strategies, because we have all experienced and analysed all on our own in accordance with the business protocol.

We are here to optimize the approach of our customers to IT by offering them easy, reliable, and result-driven support and services. We have all the resources you need to touch on all channels, web, telephone, cloud, and consulting from start to finish.

Tanish Analytics is out there with the sole objective of supplying our customers with robust, realistic, and scalable products and services at the most affordable costs, following even the strictest possible deadlines.


Data Analytics

Foreign-term identification and resolution of risks to the security of big data!


AI & ML Development

Deep data analysis helps to identify trends and practical insights!


Data Science

We offer data technology services to build technological solutions!


Data visualization

Transform data into smart insights with big data visualization techniques!

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